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The 355 (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Budget, Box office, Trailer

The 355 (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Budget, Box office, Trailer

The 355 cast: Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger. The 355 Release Date: 7 January 2022 (USA). The 355 Budget: $75 million. The 355 is looking full of Action, Thriller. Now I’m going to tell you all about The 355 (2022).

The 355 is an American Action-Thriller movie (2022). Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger are the main cast of The 355 (2022). Cooperate or bite the dust alone. We are The 355. In theaters January 7, 2022. A fantasy group of imposing female stars meet up in a hard-driving unique way to deal with the globe-jogging undercover work type in The 355.

Nothing unites a group like a shared adversary. The 355 is just in theaters Friday. A conventional-looking January activity film that really takes a look at all of the woke boxes, composed and coordinated by the person who brought us X-Men: Dark Phoenix. They’re the most incredible on the planet at what they do. The 355 is just in theaters Friday. This is what it resembles when a studio frantically needs to get their fingers into the cash that Marvel motion pictures make.

The 355 Plot:

At the point when a highly classified weapon falls into soldier of fortune hands, a trump card CIA specialist unites with three worldwide specialists on a deadly mission to recover it, while remaining a stride in front of a baffling lady who’s following everything they might do.

The 355 Detail:

Movie: The 355 (2022)
Director: Simon Kinberg
Writers: Theresa Rebeck, Simon Kinberg, Bek Smith
Main Stars: Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger
Genres: Action, Thriller
Countries: China, United States
Language: English
Release Date: 7 January 2022 (USA)
Budget: $75 million
Box office: Coming
Runtime: 2 hours 4 minutes
Filming locations: Morocco
Also known As: Đặc Vụ 355, The 355, The 355 Movie, The 355 (2022)

The 355 Cast:

Jessica Chastain As Mace
Sebastian Stan As Nick
Penélope Cruz As Graciela
Diane Kruger As Marie
Edgar Ramírez
Lupita Nyong’o As Khadijah
Bingbing Fan As Lin Mi Sheng
Marta Svetek As CIA Operative
Raphael Acloque
Jason Wong As Stevens
Leo Staar As Grady
Toby Sauerback As Auction Guest
Nina Kumar As Morocco Market Customer
Atul Sharma As Morocco Market Customer
Waleed Elgadi As Yassine
Paul O’Kelly As Auction Guest
David Olawale Ayinde As Auction Guest
Francisco Labbe As Juan
Hiten Patel As Morocco Market / Mosque
Evie Wray As Mum
Michelle Thomas As Auction Guest
Alexis Barbosa As French man
Maud Druine As Lin Mei Hong
Sam Shoubber As Auction Guest
Martyn Mayger As Auction Guest
Nick Owenford As Auction Guest
Amanda Rabinowitz As Waitress
Bodo Friesecke As German Man
Oleg Kricunova As Pyotr Khasanov
Yoon C. Joyce As Hwan Ha Jun
Juke Hardy As Businessman at Auction
Mo Firoozy As Moroccan customer
Jag Patel As Morocco Market Seller
Emily Ng As Chinese Police
Gino Picciano As Merchant
Metin Hassan As Arab Prince
Steve Saunders As Auction Guest
Emilio Insolera As Hacker
Maurice Sardison As Auction Guest
Patrick Loh As Auction guest
Lee Simmons As Dock Worker
Ali El Khodary As Market Goer
Keith Lomas As Auction House Guest
Mariia Legun As Student
Adam Strawford As Rajiv
Michael Haydon As Auction Guest
Nicholas Blatt As Auction Guest
David Yu As Lin Jien
K M Rasheduzzaman Rafi As Friend
Chris Grifoni As Auction Guest
Toni Beard As Auction guest
Indy Singh As Auction Bidder
Charles M. Baker As Chinese Security Guard
Mick Slaney As Auction Guest
Al Clark As Auction Goer
Wong Charlie As Auction bidder
Rina Yadav As Morocco Market Customer
Amra Mallassi As Man At Reception
Maryam Hashemi As Moroccan Marker costumer
Dee Pearce As Auction guest
T. Mark Owens As Convention Delegate

January seventh is the artistic arrival of THE 355. The 355 featuring Penélope Cruz, Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o, Fan Bingbing 范冰冰 the activity film is absolutely crazy. Sebastian Stan is CIA specialist Nick — see him close by Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz, Diane Kruger, and Fan Bingbing.⁣⁣

Sebastian Stan’s person being the trouble maker here. The opportunity to talk with Sebastian Stan about his new covert operative spine-chiller THE 355. Sebastian Stan looking hot af while learning the battle scenes in The 355. Jessica Chastain is standing up against the significance of equivalent compensation, and why she ensured the main entertainers in her new film, ‘The 355,’ were completely paid something similar.

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