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The Mountain 2 Cast, Reviews, Release date, Story, Budget, Box office, Scenes


The Mountain 2 box office 40.614.711 (Turkish lira). The Mountain 2 Cast have Ozan Agaç, Bedii Akin, Murat Arkin. The Mountain 2 is Also Known As Dag II. The Mountain 2 Cast, Reviews, Release date, Story, Budget, Box office, Scenes. The Mountain 2 Scenes is Turkish Army story. The Mountain 2 scenes are amazing and the story also good. Ozan Agaç in The Mountain 2 is doing very well work. The Mountain 2 Cast like a real army.

One man oriented heroism, body shows etc but Dag II one is nicely done, we would automatically feel the patriotism after watching the movie. The Mountain 2 Cast, The war scenes, the emotional ones, the training, the brother scenes between Oguz and Bekir, the romantic scenes, all perfectly blended together. Hats off to the director.

I am late to watch this movie in 2018 just watch this movie gives that feeling either a one-word great piece of dedication and casting with powerful characters. Every dialogue does have a message to remember for a lifetime. watched a Turkish movie & simply The Mountain 2 Cast it has blown away my Mind. What a Dag II movie, fantastic cinematography, well directed, natural role play by the casts. Everything is pitch perfect. Great feelings about the motherland and deep heart touching scenario. Excellent and Marvellous movie, better than any Hollywood war movie.

The Mountain 2 Story (Dag II Story):

An army man the name of Ciya (Ozan Agaç) who has one ambition to save his country people. The film is about Turkish Army Man. The sniper shot the enemy from behind immediate next shot shows the enemy completely facing the shooter. The Mountain 2 Cast is doing very well work. The last mag being used full auto and many other errors in terms of the gunfight but it did deliver on the pain and choices of soldiers and their life of sacrifice and valor. Army men try to save his people.

The Mountain 2 Detail:

Director: Alper Caglar
Producer: Alper Chaglar, Mars Entertainment Group
Writer: Alper Caglar
Main Stars: Ozan Agaç, Bedii Akin, Murat Arkin
Genres: Action | Drama | War
Country: Turkey 
Language: Turkish
Release Date: 4 November 2016
Running time: 135 minute
IMDb reviews: 9.3/10 (IMDb Rating)
Google reviews: 96% liked this film
Budget: 1.700.000 (Turkish lira)
Box office: 40.614.711 (Turkish lira)
Also Known As: Berg II | Dag II | The Mountain 2

The Mountain 2 Scenes:

The Mountain 2 Scenes
The Mountain 2 Scenes

The Mountain 2 Cast:

Ozan Agaç as Ciya
Bedii Akin as Boran
Murat Arkin as Staff Sergeant Arif Sayar
Eylül Arular as Enegül
Ufuk Bayraktar as Specialist Bekir Özbey
Emir Benderlioglu as Bascavus Batur Altinbilek (as Atif Emir Benderlioglu)
Caglar Ertugrul as First Lieutenant Oguz Caglar
Atilgan Gümüs as Master Sergeant Mustafa Sahin
Armagan Oguz as Sergeant Baybars Yucel
Ahmet Pinar Master as Sergeant Esref Cullu
Murat Serezli as Lieutenant Colonel Veysel Gökmusa
Ahu Türkpençe as Ceyda Balaban
Buse Varol as Ece
Açelya Özcan as Nabat

Here is the detail of The Mountain 2 Cast, Reviews, Release date, Story, Budget, Box office, Scenes. Hats off to entire cast and crew. I watched it’s first but i liked the second more. This was the first Turkish film I’m watching & it just amazed me.  The Mountain 2 Cast and Filmmakers must take notes from Turkish movies. Truly a masterpiece of work. The Mountain 2 Cast are doing very well work. I could empathise with all the people suffering from injustice and terror meted on them by malicious entities. Perfect blend of little light moments, perfect dialogues,perfect music, superb cast, fantastic portrayal of army routine & training and Of course patriotism. Just Imagine you are watching first time Turkish movie and you got this.

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