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The Pentaverate TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Pentaverate TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

The Pentaverate cast: Jennifer Saunders, Mike Myers, Jeremy Irons. The Pentaverate Release Date: 5 May 2022 (Netflix). The Pentaverate Episodes: 6. The Pentaverate is looking full of Comedy. The show was created by Myers and directed by Tim Kirkby. The actor Jeremy Irons serves as the narrator for the series. Myers will play eight distinct characters on the show.

The Pentaverate is an American Comedy TV Series (2022). Jennifer Saunders, Mike Myers, Jeremy Irons are the main cast of The Pentaverate TV Series (2022). Myers also appears as at least three other characters in this domination global conspiracy plot, which emits huge Dr. Evil vibes. But don’t fool him. It’s not the secret organization Beyonce or “Jay-Zed” belongs to. It’s the Pentaverato premiering on May 5th.

The comedy, which runs for six episodes, revolves around a secret group made up of five men known as “The Pentaverate” that has been trying in order to “influence world events for the greater good” that dates from the Black Plague of 1347, as per the official logline provided by Netflix. The group is likely to be discovered through the sleuthing skills of one Canadian “old-school” journalist (Myers) who wishes to break the news to win the job back.

The Pentaverate Plot:

A far-fetched Canadian columnist winds up entangled in a mission to reveal reality and just conceivably save the world himself.

The Pentaverate Detail:

TV Series: The Pentaverate (2022)
Network: Netflix
Creator: Mike Myers
Main Stars: Jennifer Saunders, Mike Myers, Jeremy Irons
Genre: Comedy
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 5 May 2022 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Filming locations: London, England, UK
Also known As: الخماسي السرّي, The Pentaverate, The Pentaverate Season 1, The Pentaverate (2022)

The Pentaverate Cast:

Jennifer Saunders As Maester of Dubrovnik
Mike Myers
Jeremy Irons As Narrator
Ken Jeong As Skip Cho
Keegan-Michael Key As Dr. Hobart Clark
Lydia West As Reilly Clayton
Gregory Hoyt As Mentor
Daniel Booroff As Ergo
Nicklas Kingo As Scarred Red Robe
Donald Sage Mackay As Bill Durand
Martin Angerbauer As Red Robe 1
David Mumeni As Anso
Nick Harris As Smitty
Sarah Mhlanga As Meghan Markle
Rob Lowe
Debi Mazar
Tony McCarthy As Liechtenstein Guard
Richard McCabe
Maria Menounos
Fiona Skinner As Jane
Daniel Eghan As Arab VIP
Metin Hassan As Billionaire
Oraldo Austin As Waiter
Rui Shang As Chinese representative
AJ Vaage As Dialect Coach
Simon Akinwunmi As Liechtenstein Guard
Mark Denham As Liechtenstein Guard
Mike Fordham As Lichstenstein Guard
Luke Lynch As Minister
Harry Oliver As Townsperson
Meghna Lall As Young Woman
Phill Webster As Red Robe
Tomas Skudutis As Red Robe

Jeremy Irons will narrate the show, which features Ken Jeong as Skip Cho and Keegan Michael Key in the role of the character Dr. Hobart Clark, Debi Mazar as Patty Davis, Richard McCabe as the exalted Pikeman Higgins as well as Lydia West as Reilly Clayton. Jennifer Saunders will also have an additional role in the show. She will be playing The Master of Dubrovnik and The Saester of Dubrovnik.

There’s Lord Lordington The older man Bruce Baldwin, a Murdoch-like “ex-Australian media mogul” with excessive sun-kissed skin; Mishu Ivanov, a former Russian Oligarch, who is offering some unfortunate Love Gurumemories Shep Gordon musician manager wearing a Hawaiian shirt and the latest secret society new recruit, a snarky Canadian.

Netflix has released a brand new trailer for The Pentaverate, the six-episode comedy series that features Mike Myers, the voice of Shrek and Austin Powers himself, playing eight (yes eight!) characters. The bizarre comical dynamic that sees one actor play several characters usually results in shambles like Eddie Murphy in Norbit or Myers himself in the utterly terrible The Love Guru in 2003. The film Tropic Thunder mocks this type of comedy. It features the character Jack Black.

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