The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 3: Cast, Release Date & Where To Watch

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The Simpsons is an American Amimation-Comedy TV Series (1989-Present). The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 3 cast: Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Julie Kavner. The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 3 Release Date: October 22, 2023 (FOX). The Simpsons Season 35 Total Episodes: 22.

The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 3 plot:

If a new neighbor greets him with affection, Homer thinks he’s being fooled into purchasing a sports car from the dealership where his neighbor works. However, the truth is more sinister. Lisa is able to neutralize Nelson when he embarks on an aggressive spree.

The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 3 Detail:

Episode Name: Treehouse of Horror XXXIV
Network: FOX
Directors: Mike B. Anderson, Debbie Mahan
Writers: Matt Groening, James L. Brooks, Sam Simon
Main Stars: Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, Julie Kavner
Genres: AnimationComedy
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: October 22, 2023 (FOX)
Season: 35
Total Episodes: 22
Episode Number: 3
Filming locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Also known As: The Simpsons Season 35 Ep 3, The Simpsons (2023)

Where to watch The Simpsons Season 35:

The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 3 Trailer:

What is The Simpsons About:

The Simpsons have been absolute favorite animated show because my dad is a bit like many aspects of Homer.

It’s a fun show that will keep people entertained of all ages throughout the many years. Fox isn’t planning to end the longest-running show on its schedule.

Dan Castellaneta, Nancy Cartwright, and Harry Shearer are the principal characters for The Simpsons Season 30. There are plenty of hilarious jokes in the show like Homer always drinking with Moes and screaming at his neighbor’s next door. If there’s one thing that has kept The Simpsons from receiving the exile, it’s their huge popularity.

The show is truly funny, and the most enjoyable part is that nearly all episodes are available online on Disney Plus.

The Simpsons Season 35 Episode 3 Cast:

Hank Azaria As (voice)
Nancy Cartwright As Bart Simpson / Nelson Muntz (voice)
Dan Castellaneta As Homer Simpson / Hans Moleman / Squeaky Voiced Teen / Mayor Quimby (voice)
Chris Edgerly As (voice)
Rosalie Chiang As Hubert Wong (voice)
Pamela Hayden As Milhouse Van Houten (voice)
Grey Griffin As Martin Prince (voice)
Dick Van Dyke As Dick Van Dyke (voice)
Tress MacNeille As Mrs. Muntz (voice)
Julie Kavner As Marge Simpson (voice)
Michael Rapaport As Mike Wegman (voice)
Harry Shearer As (voice)
Kerry Washington As Rayshelle Peyton (voice)
Yeardley Smith As Lisa Simpson (voice)

Episodes list:

1. Homer’s Crossing – (Sun Oct 01, 2023)
2. A Mid-Childhood’s Night Dream – (Sun Oct 08, 2023)
3. Treehouse of Horror XXXIV – (Sun Nov 05, 2023)
4. Thirst Trap: A Corporate Love Story – (Sun Oct 29, 2023)
5. Treehouse of Horror XXXIV – (Sun Nov 05, 2023)
6. Iron Marge – (Sun Nov 12, 2023)
7. It’s a Blunderful Life – (Sun Nov 19, 2023)
8. AE Bonny Romance – (Sun Dec 03, 2023)
9. Murder, She Boat – (Sun Dec 17, 2023)
10. Do The Wrong Thing – (Sun Dec 24, 2023)

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