Todd Phillips, the director of ‘Joker 2’, shows the first images of the long-awaited sequel

Todd Phillips , the director of ‘ Joker ‘, wanted to end the year by presenting an offer to the fans of Joker who are waiting eagerly for the release of the film’s sequel that is scheduled to premiere in October next year. The present is the first glimpses of ‘ Joker: Folie a two ‘, the sequel installment.

Phillips decided to make use of all the excitement that surrounds these significant Christmas celebrations to allow all followers to get a glimpse of this world through the lens of his Instagram profile.

Todd Phillips uploads the first images from ‘Joker 2’ on social media.

On the profile on his Instagram page, the director posted: I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a lovely new year. Oct 2024 #Joker2 and new images taken from the feature.

In the very first photo director Uploaded on his social network in which we observe an actor Joaquin Phoenix personifying Arthur Fleck who is apparently locked to a cell that has the number E258 on the door, indicating that he may be at Arkham asylum. Arkham asylum, a mental hospital. of Gotham which is shown in the film ‘Joker’.

While these images are just an indication of what the movie has to offer We will be receiving any information regarding the plot is appreciated and, ever since the release of the film ‘Joker’ in the year 2019 fans who have seen the movie waited to see the debut of a sequel to the film in cinemas. Your wishes for 2024 will be fulfilled. So, what do we expect from the upcoming film by director Phillips?

In the next photo it is Lady Gaga , who co-stars in the film in her role in the film as Harley Quinn . In the photo she directs her loving gaze towards Joaquin Phoenix, who is completely dressed in his make-up and clown costume.

All we can know about “Joker 2” film

According to the director the image of Arthur which he’s presented to us does not necessarily represent the Joker as the arch-enemy of Batman which we have a good understanding of, but instead serve as an inspiration source for Batman. But, in the universe which he has created it is possible we’ll meet the character who will later be Bruce Wayne’s nemesis.

The title of the second film called ‘ Joker: Folie a deux is a reference an illness called psychosis where the madness of one person “infects” one. It is likely that Arthur Fleck will seduce Harley Quinn and take her to the darkest depths of her twisted mind.

In discussing the future of the saga the director mentioned three films total. Three films were shown that I presented, the first of which is Joker followed by two other films produced by different filmmakers. I’m not going to reveal their names because it could create news and bring them into the spotlight without having given them any information. As of now, I’ve only shared this information with Warner Bros. >> In the past. But, in the end the director himself decided charge for the second film this suggests that he might also be able to lead another if the idea could be realized and that the possibility of having multiple directors was not a priority for various reasons.

The date of release , according to director’s own words, is expected to be the month of October 2024, but we don’t know the exact date it will release. What we know is that we are all eager to see this film about a villain in the cinema, particularly because the most recent films about superheroes and antiheroes have not always been as we were hoping for. What will happen in 2024? We’d like to think so.

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