Togo (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Togo (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Togo cast: Diego Alonso, Catalina Arrillaga, Néstor Prieto. Togo Release Date: 5 October 2022 (Netflix). Togo Director: Israel Adrián Caetano. Togo is looking full of Crime, Drama, Thriller. Israel Adrian Caetano, one of the most well-known Argentine directors of the last few years recently began filming Netflix’s debut unique Uruguayan film.

Togo is an Uruguay Drama-Thriller movie (2022). Diego Alonso, Catalina Arrillaga, Néstor Prieto are the main cast of Togo (2022). Directed and written by Israel Adrian Caetano, Netflix showed “Togo”. Caetano is also co-executive producer for the show alongside Luis Ara and Ignacio Jaunsolo. The release date is set to be on October 5.

It is described by the film’s creator as an “urban western” subgenre that this Uruguayan filmmaker is used to. It tells the story of Togo, a boxer from the past (Diego Alonso) who, after an accident, is left disabled and becomes an attendant in a car. The character will need to confront young drug dealers who are seeking to conquer the region and must defend his territory on Montevideo’s streets. Montevideo.

Togo Plot:

A chauffeur who is required to protect his property and neighbors in the area.

Togo Detail:

Movie: Togo (2022)
Network: Netflix
Director: Israel Adrián Caetano
Writer: Israel Adrián Caetano
Main Stars: Diego Alonso, Catalina Arrillaga, Néstor Prieto
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: Uruguay
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 5 October 2022 (Netflix)
Runtime: 1 hour 32 minutes
Filming locations: Montevideo, Uruguay
Also Known As: Togo, Togo Movie, Togo (2022)

Togo Cast:

Diego Alonso Gómez
Néstor Prieto
Catalina Arrillaga
Luis Alberto Acosta
Marcos Da Costa
José Pagano
Federico Morosini
Sabrina Valiente

An ex-boxer that, due to an accident, becomes disabled and is now a car attendant has to contend with young drug dealers who want at taking over the place in which the protagonist’s friends earn money. In the meantime, Togo will strike up a friendship with a successful young woman who has run away from her home and chooses to go to the streets This provides the protagonist with the task of having to protect her against this new threat.

The film is an urban western about a car kid, Togo (Alonso), who protects his home from drug dealers on street corners of Montevideo. The filming will take place in the capital city, with exteriors being shot in Palermo. Palermo neighborhood. Netflix began filming Togo in its debut Uruguayan production, which was written and directed by world-renowned Montevidean filmmaker Israel Adrian Caetano, who is also an executive producer alongside Luis Ara and Ignacio Jaunsolo who are from Trailer Films and Ska Films. The film is an urban Western about a vehicle attendant known as Togo (Diego Alonso) who protects his property from drug traffickers on street corners of Montevideo.

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