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Tuff Money (Bani Negri) TV Series (2021) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Tuff Money (Bani Negri) TV Series (2021) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Tuff Money (Bani Negri) cast: Alexandru Papadopol, Cristian Bota, Gavril Patru. Tuff Money (Bani Negri) Release Date: 21 October 2021 (HBO MAX). Tuff Money (Bani Negri) Episodes: 6. Tuff Money (Bani Negri) is looking full of Comedy, Crime, Drama. Now I,m going to tells you all about Tuff Money (Bani Negri) TV Series (2021).

Tuff Money (Bani Negri) is a Romanian Comedy-Drama TV Series (2021). Alexandru Papadopol, Cristian Bota, Gavril Patru are the main cast of Tuff Money (Bani Negri) TV Series (2021). This is a unique shoot mystery for another unique series ‘Tuff Money’ (Bani Negri), a Romanian comedic trick from HBO Europe. Tuff Money (Bani Negri) debut on HBO MAX 21 October 2021.

Appreciate many long periods of series, motion pictures, and youngsters’ substance. Two companions joke about the burglary they need to submit. The joke betrays them when the conversation is misjudged and confused. The two end up in the circumstance of preparation and executing the ideal burglary. They are totally ill-equipped, both for this blow and for its results.

Tuff Money (Bani Negri) Plot:

Two civil specialists, discouraged in a bar, suddenly joke about having the option to ransack a bank van, to sound huge. Inconvenience begins when their arrangement is fully trusted by a mobster, who undermines them to really do the heist.

Tuff Money (Bani Negri) Detail:

TV Series: Tuff Money (Bani Negri) (2021)
Network: HBO Max
Main Stars: Alexandru Papadopol, Cristian Bota, Gavril Patru
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Country: Romania
Language: Romanian
Release Date: 21 October 2021 (HBO MAX)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Filming locations: Piatra Neamt, Neamt, Romania
Also known As: Брудні гроші, Tuff Money, Bani Negri, Tuff Money (Bani Negri), Bani negri (pentru zile albe)

Tuff Money (Bani Negri) Cast:

Alexandru Papadopol As Doru
Cristian Bota As Ionel
Gavril Patru As Adi
Medeea Marinescu As Evelina
Valeriu Andriuta As Capitanul
Maruca Baiasu As Maria
Iulia Alexandra Dinu As Mirela
Voica Oltean As Cori
George Constantinescu As Trusted Officer
Csaba Ciugulitu As Gelu the Henchman
Adriana Titieni As Elena
Mãlina Manovici As Adi’s Wife
Valentin Raileanu As Adi’s Henchman 2
Mihai Ion Stroe As Evelina’s Husband
Ilaria Ioana Novac As Adi’s Daughter
Maria Simona Arsu As Evelina’s Assistant
George Remes As Parfene
Gabriela Butuc As Waitress
Adrian Titieni As Priest
Florin Aionitoaei As Armored Van Driver
Mihaela Sirbu As Mayor
Mihai Vasilescu As Barman
Sabina Branduse As Policewoman
Ionut Cornila As Policeman
Filip Dascalescu As Evelina’s Son
Andrei Elek As Border guard
Lucian Iftime As Police officer
Bogdan Matei As Police spokeperson
Stefan Mihai As Captain’s Son
Marcela Motoc As Godmother
Iulia-Paula Niculescu As Evelina’s Assistant 2
Florin Serbanescu As Armored Van Guard
Mihaela Trofimov As Captain’s Wife
Radu Zetu As Godfather

The six-section series (coordinated by Daniel Sandu) highlights two adorable washouts kidding about carrying out the “wonderful wrongdoing.” The series spins around the situation that transpires when the joke misfires and the pair is compelled to really perpetrate the burglary, for which they are absolutely ill-equipped. The Trabant is no longer since he sold it a couple of years prior in any case the recollections stay alive in our recollections.

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