You can Stream Berlin – spinoff on La casa de papel

You can Stream Berlin - spinoff on La casa de papel

A spinoff of La casa de papel is available on Netflix

The Spanish popular series “La casa of papel” was canceled by FLR a couple of years ago, but the world continues to live with a new twist as a spinoff show “Berlin” which is premiering on Netflix this morning.

The highly successful “La casa de papel” was canceled in 2021, after five seasons of great success However, Netflix wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the Spanish popular series at the time. In the year prior, the series was revived with the release the Korean La casa de papel: Korea , and now it’s time to launch the next spinoff.

Premiere on Netflix for Berlin – new La casa de papel series

It premiered today, and the brand new La casa de papel series Berlin is now available for streaming on Netflix. Berlin is an ephemeralization of La casa de papel and puts the spotlight on one of the characters from the series that is adored by fans and, as the title suggests the show is a younger Berlin we’ll be following.

The new show is set in Paris in the city of Paris, where Berlin is enlisting a team to complete a nearly impossible success – a jewel theft valued at 44 million euros which will be carried out across 34 cities all in the same night.

Berlin gives us entertainment with eight episodes lasting 42-60 minutes each.

Esther Martinez Lobato stands as the creator of the show along with franchise creator Alex Pina. Pedro Alonso reprises his role as Berlin and in various roles we will also see actors like Begona Vargas, Najwa Nimri, Michelle Jenner, Julio Pena Itxiar Ituno, and many others.

The entire eight seasons from “Berlin” are available for streaming on Netflix.

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