Miller’s Girl (2024) Trailer – Jenna Ortega Latest film

Miller's Girl (2024) Trailer - Jenna Ortega Latest film

Jenna Ortega stars in a coming-of-age story which promises to cross the fine line of the realm of psychological thriller. There are echoes to the timeless Oscar-winning film AMERICAN BEAUTY are obvious, as a threatening relationship between young women with an elderly man are woven in a web of feelings and occurrences: desire, power, love, and the denial of being mediocre.

What’s the story of MILLER’S GIRLS about?

Cairo Sweet, a gifted student, is attracted by a certain attraction to her instructor “Mr. Miller,” who decides to help her out of regular classes. The relationship is initially promises positive outcomes for both parties: Cairo develops her literary talent, while her teacher finds the joy of life. However, when Miller becomes uneasy. Miller becomes uneasy, Cairo is accused of taking too much and is threatening to fall short of her. An apparent gesture of kindness turns into a devastating dynamic which both parties realize that the power of Cairo over Miller could fundamentally alter their lives.

The screenplay is written by Jade Halley Bartlett, whose debut screenplay was published in the Hollywood ” Blacklist ” in 2016. The scripts that haven’t been produced are released annually to expose them to the attention of interested parties.

Seth Rogan (SUPERBAD) secured the script through his company Point Gray Pictures, with Bartlett as director. Lionsgate will launch this film to the USA on January 26 2024. Meanwhile, the German film’s theatrical premiere is set for the 14th of March 2024. The premiere of the film will be held at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Studiocanal will handle the following distribution of films.

Is MILLER’S GIRLS a Lolita story?

Contrary to the main character in LOLITA (1956 novel movie adaptation in 1962) which is aged 12 years Jenna Ortega’s character, on the other hand, is aged 18 years old. In Germany, those who have a fling with young children who are younger than 13 are classified by the term “pedophiles”. But, the film doesn’t tackle this issue since its main protagonist is adult sexual maturation.

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